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    Brunch Blingo at the Herkimer (Noon) 

    Blingo at Mattie's on Main from 9:00-11:00pm


    Blingo at the Blue Door Longfellow (8 PM)


    Blingo at the 331 Club (7 PM)


    Bingo at Green Mill-St Paul (9 PM)


    Blingo at Darby's Pub (6 PM)



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    Wednesday October 1 - Welcome Trivia to North Dakota, Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    It's a big day in Trivia Mafia history. We are starting trivia in our third state today! We are running trivia at the Fargo Brewing Company today at 7pm. So come join us at our newest trivia night! And if you score first or second at any trivia night your team will gain admission to the Tournamentof Champions. Your team could win $750 if you get first at the big competition on October 25. 

    Okay, so let's get you some awesome locations folks!

    Fargo Brewing Company in Fargo, ND with Amanda (7:00PM)

    Prairie Tap House in Eden Prairie with Josh Kangas (8:00PM)

    Pizza Luce in Hopkins with Jake (9:00PM)

    Come check out Bingo at Green Mill in St. Paul (9:00PM)

    Bethany is on trivia duty: Wednesdays at Republic in Uptown  (8:00PM)

    Pizza Luce in Richfield with Rob (9 PM)

    Stout's Pub in Falcon Heights with Brianna (9 PM)

    Cork's Pub in St. Paul with Martin (8 PM)

    And of course, Alex is in Apple Valley at the Old Chicago (9PM)

    And no matter where you go be sure to grab the Internet Only Question for the day! Write it in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" and you'll score an extra point!

    Today is Wednesday October 1. On this day in 1971 Walt Disney World opened its doors for the first time. What University owned the mineral rights to the land where Disney World was built? 



    Tuesday September 30 - Early Morning Trivia, Your Internet Only Location and Questions

    It's a big Tuesday in the trivia world! And on Tuesday trivia starts early folks. Sean will be on the Current at 8:30am in the morning running trivia for all the listeners. Tune in here, and call in around 8:25 if you want to play on the air. 

    After that you can head on down to any awesome trivia event we have going down tonight. And remember, if you score first or second place at any locations you will qualify for entrance into this year's Tournament of Champions. It goes down on Saturday October 25 and the winning team will take home $750! What a treat. If you want a chance at winning you will definitely want to have the answer to today's Internet Only Question. By writing that in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" you can score at an extra point on your final score. First off, let's give you your locations:

    Green Mill Uptown with Matt Marta at 7:30pm (now on Tuesdays for football season)

    Joe and Stan's on West 7th. Catch Annie hosting every Tuesday at 8pm. 

    Excelsior at the Suburban. Catch Ashley hosting there every Tuesday at 8pm.

    Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis with Alex Wanna at 9pm

    Catch Blingo with Ellie at 331 Club at 7PM!

    Green Mill in Blaine with Christie (7:30 PM)

    The Village Pub in St. Anthony with Lindsay (8 PM)  

    Republic in Uptown with Bethany (9 PM)

    Republic - Minneapolis with Alex Rick (9 PM)

    Pizza Luce in Seward with Amanda and Ruby (9 PM) 

    Senor Wong in Downtown St. Paul with Nate (9 PM)

    Green Mill St. Paul with Adam (9 PM)

    Green Mill Bloomington with Dominick (9 PM)

    Sarna's in Columbia Heights with Max (9 PM) 

    Get your late night right tonight! Catch Rachel at the Sample Room (10 PM)

    And we have trivia tonight at Darby's, that goes down in Downtown Minneapolis and the top place earns you a $75 gift card

    Let's also get you your Internet Only Question. 

    Today is Tuesday September 30. On this day in 1968 Boeing unveiled the 747 airliner. It was two and half times larger in capacity than its predecessor, the Boeing 707. For how many years did the 747 hold the passenger capacity record? 


    Monday September 29 - Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    I mean darn. It's Monday September 29 and it's time to add some trivia to it. Also, if you score first or second at any of our trivia locations you will qualified for admission into our Tournament of Champions! That event takes place on Saturday october 25 and the winning team will take home $750! What a deal. And if you want to make sure to win you'll want to grab today's Internet Only Question. If you write that answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" you'll score an extra point on your final score. First off, here's your locations:

    Sammy's Pizza in Coon Rapids - Catch Jen running trivia at 8pm!

    Blingo at the Blue Door Pub! - catch Ben running Blingo at 9pm

    Republic Calhoun Square in Uptown with your host, Steve Swanson, at 8pm

    The Amsterdam in St. Paul  with Martin and Tom at 6pm 

    The Nomad on the West Bank with Matt at 8pm

     Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis with Kyle at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul with Katie Sisneros at 9pm

    And here is your Internet Only Question for the day!

    Today is Monday September 29. On this day in 1911 Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire. What country was Italy attempting to gain control of by initiating this war? 


    Sunday September 28 - Milwaukee and Minneapolis Trivia/Brunch and Late Night Minneapolis Bingo!

    You've made it to Sunday! We hope you had a rocking weekend and we also hope you are ready for just a bit more partying this fine evening or day. We have plenty of options for you and no matter where you choose you will want to grab the answer to our Internet Only Question for the day. If you write the answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" you can score an extra point at trivia. First here's your locations:

    BLINGO at The Herkimer at Noon

    BLINGO at Mattie's on Main at 9pm!

    Trivia at the Vintage with Jon! 

    Trivia at the 331 with Chuck and Sean 

    And here is that Internet Only Question. Good luck!

    Today is Sunday September 28. On this day in 1975 the Spaghetti House Siege started in London. What newspaper agreed to suppress a scoop about the standoff at the request of the police commissioner? 


    Saturday September 27 - No Events Today

    Greetings Trivia Mafia fans. We don't have events going today. So enjoy your Saturday. And get ready for our tournament of champions coming up in just about a month!