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    Brunch Blingo at the Herkimer (Noon) 


    Blingo at the Blue Door Longfellow (8 PM)


    Blingo at the 331 Club (7 PM)


    Bingo at Green Mill-St Paul (9 PM)


    Blingo at Darby's Pub (6 PM)



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    Thursday, November 27 - Thanksgiving!

    Hey Trivia Family. We hope you are having a great time on this holiday. We don't have any trivia going down tonight!

    If you are looking for a couple trivia questions for family fun check out this bunch right here:


    1. Which popular brand of turkey offers a 24-hour “Turkey Talk” hotline to help 
    Thanksgiving cooks properly prepare their birds? 
    2. How many Presidential turkeys have not been pardoned since World War II?
    3. In what month do Canadians celebrate their similarly turkey-centric 
    4. Which founding father campaigned to have the wild turkey named as the 
    official bird of the United States? 
    5. Female turkeys are called "hens." What are male turkeys called?

    1. What is the title of the song, written by Andrew Gold, that served as the theme 
    to the television show “The Golden Girls?”
    2. What restaurant chain encourages its servers to decorate their uniforms with 
    3. Instead of the traditional “thanks to the Academy,” actor Marlon Brando used 
    his Academy Award acceptance speech to protest the treatment of American 
    Indians by the film industry. Who delivered this speech on his behalf? 
    4. Eminem sampled this British singer’s hit song “Thank You” in his 2000 song 
    “Stan,” and subsequently invited her appear in the video as well. 
    5. How do you say “Thank you” in Japanese?




    Wednesday, November 26 - Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    How you living Wednesday? It's time for an awesome night of trivia before Thanksgiving. We have tons of great locations in North Dakota and the Twin Cities. Check out the locations here and be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question. It is posted below our locations and if you write the answer to today's Internet Only Question in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" you will score an extra point on your trivia! Here's your locations:

    Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis at 8PM (now weekly) with Christy and Rachel (8:00PM)

    Fargo Brewing Company in Fargo, ND with Amanda (7:00PM) 

    Prairie Tap House in Eden Prairie with Josh Kangas (8:00PM)

    Pizza Luce in Hopkins with Jake (9:00PM)

    Come check out Bingo at Green Mill in St. Paul  with Tiff! (9:00PM)

    Bethany is on trivia duty: Wednesdays at Republic in Uptown  (8:00PM)

    Pizza Luce in Richfield with Rob (9 PM)

    Stout's Pub in Falcon Heights with Brianna (9 PM)

    Cork's Pub in St. Paul with Alex (8 PM)

    And of course, Alex is in Apple Valley at the Old Chicago (9PM)

    Here's your Internet Only Question. Just write the answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ". 

    Today is Wednesday, November 26. On this day in 2000, George W. Bush was certified the winner of Florida’s electoral vote, thus securing the win in the United States presidential election. What Secretary of State awarded Bush those votes? 


    Tuesday, November 25 - Trivia on the Radio, Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    It's Tuesday and we have trivia this morning on the Current. Give it a listen at 8:30AM CST or call in for your chance to win the semi-fabulous prize pack. Listen here!

    We also have a great selection of trivia going on all across the Twin Cities this evening. Make it happen for you and yours this evening. Also, on a sad note, tonight is our last night of trivia at the Sample Room in Minneapolis. The event starts at 10 and we'd love to send them off in proper style. Come on down and play at the Sample Room! Here are all your location options:


    The Grill in Rogers with Blake at 8pm!

    Green Mill Uptown with Matt Marta at 7:30pm (now on Tuesdays for football season)

    Joe and Stan's on West 7th. Catch Martin hosting every Tuesday at 8pm. 

    Excelsior at the Suburban. Catch Ashley hosting there every Tuesday at 8pm.

    Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis with Alex Wanna at 9pm

    Catch Blingo with Ellie at 331 Club at 7PM!

    Green Mill in Blaine with Christy (7:30 PM)

    The Village Pub in St. Anthony with Andrea (8 PM)  

    Republic in Uptown with Randy (9 PM)

    Republic - Minneapolis with Ben (9 PM)

    Pizza Luce in Seward with Amanda and Ruby (9 PM) 

    Senor Wong in Downtown St. Paul with Nate (9 PM)

    Green Mill St. Paul with Adam (9 PM)

    Green Mill Bloomington with Dominick (9 PM)

    Sarna's in Columbia Heights with Max (9 PM) 

    Get your late night right tonight! Catch Rachel at the Sample Room (10 PM)

    We have a $75 Gift Card 1st Place Prize for Trivia Over at Darby's in North Loop with Scott at (6pm)

    Wherever you go, be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question! If you write down the answer to the question listed below in the section of your sheet labeled IOQ you'll be well on your way to an extra point. How bout that? Here's the question!

    Today is Tuesday, November 25. On this day in 1120, The White Ship sank in the English Channel killing William Adelin, the only surviving legitimate son of Henry I. What title did William Adelin hold when he died? 



    Monday, November 24 - Holiday Week! Awesome Trivia, Extra Point Available

    Here is a sweet good morning to all of the awesome trivia players in the universe! It's the Monday of Thanksgiving and it's time to get your early fun on before it gets all holiday busy. Check out these awesome locations and get involved. No matter where you go be sure to grab an answer to today's Internet Only Question. It's listed on this post and you'll get an extra point if you write it in the section of your sheet labeled IOQ. Here's your locations:

    Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis with Kyle at 9pm

    Sammy's Pizza in Coon Rapids - Catch Jen running trivia at 8pm

    Blingo at the Blue Door Pub! - catch Ben running Blingo at 9pm

    Republic Calhoun Square in Uptown with your host, Steve Swanson, at 8pm

    The Amsterdam in St. Paul  with Martin and Tom at 6pm CANCELED THIS EVENING AND NEXT WEEK 

    The Nomad on the West Bank with Matt at 8pm

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul with Katie Sisneros at 9pm

    And here is your Internet Only Question!

    Today is Monday, November 24. On this day in 1859, Charles Darwin published his influential text, On the Origin of Species. What three words were added to the end of the book in the second edition? 


    Sunday, November 23 - Your Locations and Internet Only Question

    Welcome to Sunday, November 23. We have great Bingo and Trivia going down in Wisconsin and Minnesota today. So dig that ya'll. Check out these awesome locations and get involved. And no matter where you play, be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question. Just write the answer to the question in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ". Simple as that. Here's your locations:

    BLINGO at The Herkimer at Noon

    Trivia at the Vintage with Jon! 

    Trivia at the 331 with Chuck and Sean

    Trivia at Hammer and Sickle with Max & Sean 

    Here's that Internet Only Question for you!

    Today is Sunday, November 23. On this day in 1889, the first jukebox went into operation at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. How much did it cost to play a song on that jukebox?