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    Brunch Blingo at the Herkimer (Noon) 

    Blingo at Mattie's on Main from 7:00-9:00pm


    Blingo at the Blue Door Longfellow (8 PM)


    Blingo at the 331 Club (7 PM)


    Bingo at Green Mill-St Paul (9 PM)


    Blingo at Darby's Pub (6 PM)



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    Wednesday September 17 - Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    Good to see you Wednesday. You've made it halfway through the week and we are so proud of you. Just so proud. Well done. Your reward? An awesome night of trivia. Check out this great list of trivia locations and pick one in your neck of the woods. No matter where you go, be sure to check out the answer to today's Internet-Only Question. If you write the correct answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ," your crew will score an extra point in its final score. First, here are your locations:

    Pizza Luce in Hopkins with Jake (9:00PM)

    Come check out Bingo at Green Mill in St. Paul (9:00PM)

    Bethany is on trivia duty: Wednesdays at Republic in Uptown  (8:00PM)

    Pizza Luce in Richfield with Rob (9 PM)

    Stout's Pub in Falcon Heights with Brianna (9 PM)

    Cork's Pub in St. Paul with Martin (8 PM)

    And of course, Alex is in Apple Valley at the Old Chicago (9PM)


    Today is September 17. On this day in 1814, Francis Scott Key finished his poem "Defence of Fort McHenry," which would later become "The Star-Spangled Banner." How many stars did the flag have when Key wrote "our flag was still there"?


    Tuesday September 16 - Early Morning Radio Trivia, Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    Ta-da. Good morning Trivia Mafia lovers. If you are reading this in the morning please make your way over to your radio and listen to Sean on the Current this morning at 8:30am. He'll be running an awesome round of music-related trivia for two lucky listeners! Tune in a little early if you want the chance to play. It'll be all music so be sure you know a little something about that. But if music isn't your cup of tea just wait until we have trivia tonight all over the Twin Cities and beyond!

    No matter where you play today, be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet-Only Question. It will score you an extra point at any tonight's locations. Just write the answer in the section of the sheet labeled "IOQ". Before we give you that question, let's cover locations!

    Green Mill Uptown with Matt Marta at 7:30pm (now on Tuesdays for football season)

    Joe and Stan's on West 7th. Catch Annie hosting every Tuesday at 8pm. 

    Excelsior at the Suburban. Catch Ashley hosting there every Tuesday at 8pm.

    Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis with Alex Wanna at 9pm

    Catch Blingo with Ellie at 331 Club at 7PM!

    Green Mill in Blaine with Christie (7:30 PM)

    The Village Pub in St. Anthony with Andrea (8 PM)  

    Brunswick Zone in Lakeville with Matt Schubbe (8 PM)

    Republic in Uptown with Randy (9 PM)

    Republic - Minneapolis with Bryce and Alex (9 PM)

    Pizza Luce in Seward with Amanda and Ruby (9 PM) 

    Senor Wong in Downtown St. Paul with Nate (9 PM)

    Green Mill St. Paul with Adam (9 PM)

    Green Mill Bloomington with Dominick (9 PM)

    Sarna's in Columbia Heights with Max (9 PM) 

    Get your late night right tonight! Catch Rachel at the Sample Room (10 PM)

    No Trivia tonight at Darby's today (GO TWINS)

    And here is your Internet-Only Question for the day. 

    Today is September 16. On this day in 1961, the National Hurricane Research Project targeted Hurricane Esther for one of its first experiments in weakening or "seeding" hurricanes. What substance did a Navy plane drop into Hurricane Esther, hoping to seed it?


    Monday September 15 - New Location and Your Internet-Only Question

    Greetings Everyone! It is time to try out an awesome new location in Coon Rapids. Starting this Monday at 8 PM, we will be running trivia at Sammy Perrella's Pizza in Coon Rapids. Come on down for our inaugural night and win a $30 bar tab for first place!

    No matter where you go this evening you are going to want to grab the answer to today's Internet-Only Question. Just write it in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ". It's a great way to score an extra point when you play trivia tonight. 

    First, here's your locations for this evening!

    Sammy Perrella's Pizza in Coon Rapids - Catch Jen running trivia at 8pm!

    Blingo at the Blue Door Pub! - catch Ben running Blingo at 9pm

    Republic Calhoun Square in Uptown with your host, Steve Swanson, at 8pm

    The Amsterdam in St. Paul  with Martin and Tom at 6pm 

    The Nomad on the West Bank with Bethany at 8pm

     Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis with Kyle at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul with Katie Sisneros at 9pm

    And here is your Internet Only Question for the day:

    Today is September 15. On this day in the 1916, tanks were used for the first time in battle. In what battle were they first used?


    Sunday September 14 - Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Blingo, Trivia, Madness!

    Greetings Sunday! You have found to right place for Sunday Funday! We have all sorts of events going down to keep the fun going all night in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Take a peek at our locations and no matter what you do, be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question. With that answer you'll be scoring an extra point on your final score. Crazy we know, but we love you. First, check out your locations:


    BLINGO at The Herkimer at 1pm

    BLINGO at Mattie's on Main at 9pm!

    Trivia at the Vintage with Jon! 

    Trivia at the 331 with Chuck and Sean 

    And here is your Internet Only Question for the day!

    Today is Sunday September 14. On this day in 1829 the Treaty of Adrianople ended the Russo-Turkish War. This treaty secured Russia’s access to the mouth of what river?


    Saturday September 12 - Trivia at the Summit Tap Room

    How you living Saturday? It's not your regular trivia time, but you are going to love this. Head on down to see Rachel run awesome trivia at the Summit Tap Room! The fun starts at 6pm and they will have food trucks and fun galore for any player. So come on down and play! But be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question. 

    Be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question to score that extra point you will need to destroy the competition! Just write the answer to the following question in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ". Game on! Good luck!

    Today is Saturday September 13. On this day in 1788 the first date for a U.S. Presidential election was set at the Philadelphia Convention. It was a foregone conclusion that George Washington would win the Presidency, the question was who would become Vice-President. Though John Adams ultimately secured the office, who trailed him most closely in the electoral college votes?