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Wanna play B-I-N-G-O instead?


Brunch Blingo at the Herkimer (Noon) 


Blingo at the Blue Door Longfellow (8 PM)


Blingo at the 331 Club (7 PM)

Blingo at the Prairie Tap House (7 PM)


Bingo at Green Mill-St Paul (9 PM)

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    We're two days away from the Fourth of July, but things are about to go BOOM tonight at every Trivia Mafia location! No, wait, don't alert Homeland Security! It's a fun BOOM, not a "BOOM" BOOM, we swear!

    Wanna show up to trivia tonight with a head start? Just take a look at the Internet Only Question posted below the locations. If you write the answer to that question in the section of your sheet labeled 'IOQ', you'll score an extra point! First, here are your locations:

    NorthGate Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis with Max at 7pm

    Camp Bar in St Paul with Amy at 8pm

    Fabulous Fern's in St. Paul with Brenna at 8pm

    LynLake Brewery in Uptown Minneapolis with Mehgan at 8pm

    Mac's Industrial in Northeast Minneapolis with Eyeball -- twice: 8pm and 9:45pm

    Lake and Irving in Uptown Minneapolis with Danno at 9pm

    Pizza Luce Duluth with Devin at 9pm

    Granite City in Roseville with Paul at 9pm

    Granite City in Maple Grove with Rob at 9pm

    Tavern on Grand in St. Paul with Charlie at 9pm

    And eagleBOLTbar with Eric at 10pm!

    Now here's your Internet Only Question:

    On this day in 1937, Amelia Earhart vanished during an around-the-world flight. What was the wing span of the plane she flew in her ill-fated journey?



    "Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first of tha month. Get up, get up, get up, and come play trivia."

                                                                                     - Bone, Thugs, Harmony-n-Trivia Mafia

    Come play with us tonight at locations throughout the Twin Cities, and spots in Fargo, Omaha and Rochester!

    Be sure to grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question for a bonus point. Write the answer to the question (at the bottom of the post) in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ."

    But first, here are tonight's locations:

    Fargo Brewing Company in Fargo, ND with Amanda at 7pm

    Big Brad's in Rochester with Danny at 8pm

    Spielbound in Omaha, NE with Greg at 8pm

    The Lyndale Tap House in Uptown Minneapolis with Alex at 8pm

    Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis with Rachel & Christy at 8pm

    Prairie Tap House in Eden Prairie with Josh Kangas at 8pm

    Cork's Pub in St. Paul with Martin at 8pm

    Sweet Pea's in Highland (St. Paul) with David at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in Hopkins with Jake at 9pm

    Bingo at Green Mill in St. Paul  with Tiff at 9pm

    Republic in Uptown Minneapolis with Bethany at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in Richfield with Rob at 9pm

    Stout's Pub in Falcon Heights with Danno at 9pm

    Apple Valley at the Old Chicago with Alex at 9pm

    Here's that Internet Only Question:

    Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Today is July 1. Happy birthday to this young lady! What rocker did she think was her dad until age eight, when it was revealed that her papa was actually a different rocker?



    Tuesday is Trivia Mafia's most hoppin' night o' the week! It's so hoppin', in fact, that we're even hoppin' to the FM airways this morning! Tune into The Current at 8:30am, when Sean from Trivia Mafia will be dishing out some questions on the radio. You'll want to tune in a bit before 8:30 for your chance to play on air!

    Want to score a bonus point for tonight? Then grab the answer to today's Internet Only Question, and write the answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ." The question is listed below our locations:

    Darby's in Minneapolis with Scott at 6pm. This downtown pub has free parking and the first place is a $75 gift card!

    Broadway Pizza in Rochester with Drew at 7pm

    Catch Blingo with Ellie at 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis at 7pm

    Blingo is also at the Prairie Tap House in Eden Prairie with Dana at 7pm  

    The Sunshine Factory in Plymouth with Blake at 7:30pm

    Green Mill in Blaine with Christy at 7:30pm

    Bar Zia in Downtown Minneapolis with Rachel at 8pm

    The Rabbit Hole in Minneapolis with Amy at 8pm

    Insight Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis with Andy at 8pm

    Joe and Stan's on West 7th in St. Paul with Martin at 8pm

    The Suburban in Excelsior with Ashley at 8pm 

    The Village Pub in St. Anthony with Andrea at 8pm 

    Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis with Alex at 9pm

    Republic in Uptown (Minneapolis) with Randy at 9pm

    Republic in Seven Corners (Minneapolis) with Ben at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in Seward (Minneapolis) with Ruby & Amanda at 9pm 

    SW Craft Bar in Downtown St. Paul with Nate at 9pm

    Green Mill St. Paul with Adam at 9pm

    Green Mill Bloomington with Dominick at 9pm

    Sarna's in Columbia Heights with Danno at 9pm

    And here is your Internet Only Question:

    Today is June 30. On this day in 1997, the United Kingdom relinquished control of Hong Kong, which then became a special administrative region of China. What nation controlled Hong Kong during most of World War II?



    Monday's in da house! And unfortuantely, it's not going anywhere for another 24 hours or so. But don't dispair -- just come play trivia tonight! We've got six places to play throughtout the Twin Cities, and one spot in Minneapolis to play Blingo.

    Don't forget to find the answer to today's Internet Only Question. If you write the answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ" -- you earn a bonus point! You'll find the question below tonight's locations: 

    The Amsterdam in St. Paul with Rachel & David at 6PM

    7th Street Social in St. Paul with Bill & Andy at 7PM

    Green Mill in Uptown Minneapolis with Matt at 7:30PM

    Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis with Kyle at 8PM

    The Nomad on the West Bank (Minneapolis) with Matt at 8pm

    Blingo at the Blue Door Pub in Minneapolis with Ben at 9PM

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul with Katie at 9PM

    Here's your Internet Only Question:

    Today is June 29. Happy birthday to national treasure Gary Busey! His performance as what title character earned him a Best Actor Oscar nomination?



    Brunch + Trivia = Boo Yeah

    Brunch + Bingo = Boo Yeah

    Please memorize these equations, as you will be tested on them at a future date.

    We also have five night-time options for trivia Sunday ... we haven't formulated that equation yet, but we're working on it 'round the clock.

    Before you arrive at any trivia location Sunday, don't forget to grab the answer to the Internet Only Question -- which is listed below our locations. You'll score a bonus point if you write the answer in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ."

    Here are Sunday's locations:

    Brunch Trivia at The Amsterdam in Downtown St. Paul with Laura and David from Noon to 2pm 

    Blingo at The Herkimer in Uptown Minneapolis with Casey from Noon to 2pm

    Vintage in Milwaukee with Jon at 5pm

    Mainstreet Bar & Grill in Hopkins with Shoobs at 7pm

    331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis with Chuck and Sean at 8pm

    Hammer and Sickle in Uptown Minneapolis with Max and Andy at 8pm

    Cy's Bar in Chaska with Brianna at 8pm

    And here's your Internet Only Question:

    Today is June 28 -- the only day of the year where the number of the day and month are each perfect numbers. After 6 and 28, what is the next perfect number?