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    Blingo at the Blue Door Longfellow (8 PM)


    Blingo at the 331 Club (7 PM)


    Bingo at Green Mill-St Paul (9 PM)


    Blingo at the Triple Rock (8 PM)

    Blingo at Darby's Pub (6 PM)


    Brunch Blingo at the Herkimer (Noon) 

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    THURSDAY APRIL 24 - Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    Thursday April 24. We are reaching out all across the Earth and bringing you the best trivia on the planet. And in addition to awesome trivia we bring you an internet only question. It's the chance to get a free point at the end of trivia simply by having checked out this post right here. So be sure to read on, after you pick a location you'll want to grab the answer of the question. Take that answer and write it on your sheet in the section labeled "IOQ".

    First, here are your locations:

    Frigaard's in Willernie at 9PM

    Pizza Luce Duluth with Devin (at 9PM)

    Big Brad's on Broadway in Rochester with Danny & Alex (at 8PM)

    Bingo at Darby's in Minneapolis. Come win a $50 gift card on the last Bingo and great prizes on every card. The fun goes from 6-8pm and there is free parking!

    Catch Blingo! at the Triple Rock from 8-10pm tonight with Ellie! 

    Mac's Industrial in Northeast with Blake (twice: 8 and 9:45 PM)

    Granite City in Roseville with Paul (9 PM)

    Granite City in Maple Grove with Rob (9 PM)

    Green Mill Lakeville with Andy (9 PM)

    Tavern on Grand in St. Paul with Logan (9 PM)

    And for the night owls, eagle BOLT bar with Eric (10 PM)

    And here is your Internet Only Question for the day.

    Today is Thursday April 24. On this day in 2005 the 265th Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, was inaugurated. He resigned in 2013. Before him, who was the last pope to voluntarily resign? 


    Wednesday April 23 - Your Internet Only Question and Trivia Locations

    It's almost the end of April. Have you played trivia yet? We are worried you haven't. Well, let's do some fixing of that tonight. We have trivia locations all over the Twin Cities for you to throw down at. Just come pick a location and you can get your trivia fix in quick. And remember, read on after the locations as there is a way to win an extra point at Trivia tonight below. First, here's your locations:


    Pub 42 in New Hope with Jake & Christy (8:00 PM)

    Come check out Bingo at Green Mill in St. Paul (9:00PM)

    Study Hall at Cafeteria in Uptown with Bethany (8 PM)

    Pizza Luce in Richfield with Rob (8 PM)

    Stout's Pub in Falcon Heights with Brianna (9 PM)

    Cork's Pub in St. Paul with Martin (8 PM)

    And of course, Alex is in Apple Valley at the Old Chicago (9PM)

    Today is Wednesday April 23. On this day in 1985 Coca-cola introduced New Coke. The new product failed within three months and the original was back on the market. Laborers at what tourist attraction and American landmark were the first civilians to taste the new version of Coca-Cola


    Tuesday April 22 - Tune in to the Current for Trivia in the Morning and Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    Tuesday April 22. Good morning. If you are reading this before 8:30am, first, thanks for your dedication to trivia. Second, flip on your radio and play a little bit of Trivia Mafia on the air. Tune to The Current at 89.3 in the Twin Cities or visit  and get your game on. If you call in before 8:30am CST you have a chance to compete yourself and win a semi-fabulous prize pack.

    And after all the fun of a trivia morning you should pick your location for Tuesday night trivia. We have great spots all across the Twin Cities metro and we'd love to see you there. Take a look at these awesome options and pick one out! Here's the list:

    Grumpy's in Downtown Minneapolis with Alex Wanna at 9pm

    Darby's in Minneapolis's North Loop with Scott Olstad.  (6 PM. Parking is free. First place is $75!) 

    Catch Blingo with Ellie at 331 Club at 7PM!

    Green Mill in Blaine with Christy (7:30 PM)

    Bricks in Blaine with Rachel (8 PM)

    The Village Pub in St. Anthony with Andrea (8 PM)

    Brunswick Zone in Lakeville with Matt Schubbe (8 PM)

    Republic in Uptown with Randy (9 PM)

    Republic - Minneapolis with Bryce (9 PM)

    Pizza Luce in Seward with Amanda and Ruby (9 PM) 

    Senor Wong in Downtown St. Paul with Nate (9 PM)

    Green Mill St. Paul with Adam (9 PM)

    Green Mill Bloomington with Dominick (9 PM)

    Sarna's in Columbia Heights with Amelia (9 PM) 

    And for the late-night crowd, The Sample Room in Minneapolis with Allison (10 PM)

    And be sure to get the answer to today's Internet Only Question. If you write down that answer in the section of your sheet labeled 'IOQ' you will get an extra point. Here's the question:

    Today is Tuesday April 22. On this day in 1889 the Land Rush for Oklahoma got under way and within 12 hours many towns would have populations of over 10,000. The term sooner refers to individuals who snuck onto the land early to lay claim to it. What term refers to the activists who campaigned to get the lands of Oklahoma opened up initially


    Monday April 21 - Your Internet Only Question and Locations

    If you have a case of the Mondays there's no better solution than rocking on down to a Trivia Mafia trivia night and doing the damn thing proper. Your best bet in this instance is to check the list of the locations we have going, and be sure to grab the internet only question that we are posting here. Bring the answer to this trivia question to any location you visit tonight and write it in the section of your sheet labeled "IOQ". You will secure an extra point at the end of the night. Let's get you those locations:


    Blingo at the Blue Door Pub! - catch Ben running Blingo at 9pm

    Republic Calhoun Square in Uptown with Sean Hogan at 8pm

    Green Mill in Uptown is on Mondays at 7:30pm 

    The Amsterdam in St. Paul with Martin and Tom at 6pm

    The Nomad on the West Bank with Matt Perkins at 8pm

    Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis with Kyle at 9pm

    Pizza Luce in St. Paul with Katie Sisneros at 9pm

    And here is your Internet Only Question for the day: Today is Monday April 21. On this day in 1966 Haile Sellasie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, visited Jamaica. By what name is that day known amongst the Rastafari community of Jamaica


    We look forward to seeing you tonight at trivia. Have a great day!



    Happy Easter. Deandra and deandra alone knows the answer to the question listed below. She'll give a true answer ten times at 7pm. After she'll start lying. So go ask her this question. What was Deandra's favorite treat to find in an Easter basket as a kid?