Village Pub Trivia
w/ Andrea

2720 Hwy 88
St. Anthony
8 p.m. every Tuesday


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    7.29.14 - My Poutine Doesn't Look Like That!

    1st place - My Poutine Doesn't Look Like That! with 51 points


    2nd place - PB Army with 50 points

    3rd place - Luke Skywalker's Brother with 48 points


    7.22.14 When One Of Our Questions Was A Dad Joke

    Yep, that happened. I thought you guys were gonna be mad, but almost (if not) all of you got it! Yay for dad jokes in trivia rounds! This is like my fourth time subbing for you guys over the last few months, so we're pretty much best friends by now. I had a great time again filling in for Andrea, and I think you guys did too. Let's check out our winners!

    Winners of a third place tiebreaker, it's Suck It Trebek! Enjoy the Vertiform CD! Let me know if you find out which Trivia Mafioso's band it is!

    Second place tonight, winners of a $10 DQ gift card, it's PB Army! Congrats!

    And these guys, it's Trench Mouth! They won the big $25 gift card for first place. Yep, just the two of them. Congrats guys!

    Andrea will be back next week, but I'm sure I'll see y'all around!


    7.15.14 - Constellations just aren't your thing.

    We had a pretty good crowd Tuesday evening at the Pub. Although the MLB All-Star game was broadcast throughout the evening, most people came to play some trivia. So, cheers to you and your priorities! :)

    Here's how the evening played out...

    1st Place with 46 points (winning the tie-breaker) Beyónce Knowlége

    2nd Place with 46 points PB Army

    3rd Place with 45 points The Fighting Mongooses

    Half-way point winners scoring the round of free beer went to The Fighting Mongooses.

    Thanks for a fun evening! I'll see you in two weeks. Rob will be hosting next week.



    7.8.14 Tiebreakers Everywhere

    Hey you guys! I had an awesome time subbing in for Andrea again. I'm starting to think we're kind of like family now (my family always used to read trivia questions at me when I was a kid). So there's that. Anyway, we had a bunch of ties tonight. Luke Skywalker's Brother and Tater Tot Thought Dish (my new favorite team name) were tied at the half, and again at the end of the night. But Team Awesome Turtle joined them at the end, which ended up well for them, as you'll see below. Let's check out our winners.

    In third place, Tater Tot Thought Dish! Congrats on the Caribou gift card!

    Luke Skywalker's Brother comes in second place, and two of you get to go see the Minnesota Lynx!

    Here are the winners, Team Awesome Turtle! Great play in the second half, enjoy your $25 Village Pub gift card!

    I think Andrea will be back next week, but I'll see you guys again in two! 


    6.17.14 Male Genitalia Enthusiasts Rejoice

    Yep. We had a round all about junk. Men's junk in particular. Heck, there was even a picture of the 49ers' pube-faced QB on the image round! But it was great when that one group walked in and couldn't figure out why I kept talking about junk in the front-trunk. It happens. I had another great time filling in for Andrea! It was 30% less awkward now that some of you guys have seen me for two weeks in a row. Still 100% awkward for teams that weren't here last week. It happens. Let's check out our winners.

    In fourth place, breaking a tie and winning two free passes to The Walking Dead Escape this Saturday, it's Team Unicycle! You guys get to go thru a zombie obstacle course, I'm super jelly.

    In third place, it's Roast Beef Satchel! Enjoy your free bag of Peace Coffee!

    MRC Twins coming in second place, winners of an unmarked DQ gift card! Who knows how much it's worth?! Is it $15? Is it $20,000? You'll have to go get ice cream if you want to find out.

    Our big winners tonight, PB Army! It doesn't stand for Peanut Butter. It's one of those team names where you don't realize it until you say it out loud and then you're like "ohhhhhh." Enjoy the $25 guys!

    I know I said Andrea would probably be back this week, but there's a much higher chance she'll be back next week. Either way, you guys are cool so I'll probably see you again sometime. Come down to Pizza Luce in Richfield on Wednesdays if you're into my "baby deer walking for a first time" style of trivia delivery. Just be back at the Village Pub next Tuesday!