Village Pub Trivia
w/ Andrea

2720 Hwy 88
St. Anthony
8 p.m. every Tuesday


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    3.10.15 - What's the hell is Heather?

    Cheers to all the teams that made it out for trivia Tuesday! As always, I had a fun time hosting. Here is how the night shaked out.

    1st with 52 points - PB Army

    2nd with 49 points - Affiliates of Physicians Group LLC D.C. and D.O. Owned

    3rd with 44 points - Next Adventure

    Halfway winners with 20 points went to PB Army.

    Honorable Mention went to We're Cheating. Even though they weren't, they were a couple a funny dudes. Come back to trivia!

    Thanks to Glamdoll Donuts for their support.

    See you next week.


    3.3.15 - it's just a little bit of snow

    Cheers to all the teams that made it out despite the crappy roads and weather.

    1st - PB Army 48 points

    2nd - PBR is for closers! 46 points

    3rd - Nate's Minions 45 points


    January 27: Some like it Pike

    The first place dudes weren't that excited to win first place... so next time I sub, they get NO prizes from me!  haha.. i kid... maybe.


    In first place at the half and at the end:

    with 50.5 points!



    Second place by half a point was Your Killing Me, Smalls and another half a point separated the third place team, who beat out the trivia regulars in the tie breaker, Jockstrap Jazzercise!





    Everyone was great!  I'd love to host here again another day!




    12/23 Subbed

    Thank you Village Pub for an awesome night. It was really fun to fill in for Andrea on this festive night, and what a night it was! With PB Army bringing the Festivus Pole, and a team getting called out for cheating, I think we all managed to prove that sometimes, we just need some trivia.

    Hey, hey, hey, Just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, You could've been getting down to this sick beat. was your first place team. They couldn't be caught in the first half and kept it going through the second.

    At just 2 points behind, PB Army put forth an impressive trivia effort.

    The No-Knothings did their best to keep up, but ended up with a delicious donut from Glam Doll Donuts.



    11.18.14 - January Trivia in November

    High-fives around the room for all the folks that made it out to trivia last night even though it was a bagillion degrees below zero...or at least felt like it. What's with the January weather in November?!? Well, good thing we have Trivia Mafia to keep everyone warm with competition!

    Here are the winnerzzzzzz!

    First place - Sticky Floors - 49 points

    Village Pub Winners 11.18.14

    Second place - PB Army - 46 points

    Village Pub Winners 11.18.14

    Third place - Mondrose Special Cup Pants - 45 points

    Village Pub Winners 11.18.14