Village Pub Trivia
w/ Andrea

2720 Hwy 88
St. Anthony
8 p.m. every Tuesday


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    08.19.14 - 2x2x2

    1st Place with 48 points - PB Army

    2nd Place with 47 points - (tie-breaker winner)

    3rd Place with 47 points -The Night is Dark and Full of Errors

    Half way winner scoring the round of beers - The Night is Dark and Full of Errors.


    08.12.14 - A Likely Story...with some surprise visitors!

    First place with 52 points: Snake Cop Returns

    Second place with 51 points: Keep Your Fingers out of My Poutine!

    Third place with 49 points: PB Army

    Thanks everyone, see you next Tuesday! :)


    08.05.14 - Some Old, Familiar Faces

    1st Place with 54 points The Fighting Mongooses

    2nd Place with 47 points PB Army (winning tie-breaker)

    3rd Place with 47 points Asian Wings w/ Light Ranch


    7.29.14 - My Poutine Doesn't Look Like That!

    1st place - My Poutine Doesn't Look Like That! with 51 points


    2nd place - PB Army with 50 points

    3rd place - Luke Skywalker's Brother with 48 points


    7.22.14 When One Of Our Questions Was A Dad Joke

    Yep, that happened. I thought you guys were gonna be mad, but almost (if not) all of you got it! Yay for dad jokes in trivia rounds! This is like my fourth time subbing for you guys over the last few months, so we're pretty much best friends by now. I had a great time again filling in for Andrea, and I think you guys did too. Let's check out our winners!

    Winners of a third place tiebreaker, it's Suck It Trebek! Enjoy the Vertiform CD! Let me know if you find out which Trivia Mafioso's band it is!

    Second place tonight, winners of a $10 DQ gift card, it's PB Army! Congrats!

    And these guys, it's Trench Mouth! They won the big $25 gift card for first place. Yep, just the two of them. Congrats guys!

    Andrea will be back next week, but I'm sure I'll see y'all around!