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    The Trivia Mafia Tournament of Champions: Saturday, November 7. 

    Trivia teams! What do they know? Do they know stuff? Let's find out.

    Beginning October 4, any team that wins a Trivia Mafia trivia night will be invited to join the Tournament of Champions. Once we have 45 teams, we will pit them against one another in a battle royale of wits and trivia knowledge to crown the One True Trivia Champion. Oh, and we'll give that team a jumbo novelty check too. 

    Once your team has qualified for the tournament, you should receive an invitation (with a super secret code on it) to sign up for the tourney. Once you've got that, get your ticket here:



    Click "Enter promotional code" and enter the code from your invitation in order to purchase your ticket. (Until you do that, it'll say "No tickets available.") We're cutting registration off at 45 teams. First come, first served. 1 team = 6 players = $60

    Once you've registered, print your ticket and bring it to the tournament. (If you don't have a printer, just bring a phone with your confirmation email on it.) We'll reserve a table for you. And make sure to enter your team name when you buy your ticket. 

    Good luck! And good trivia-ing.