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    8.4 Stupid Restore

    So I got a new phone after I decided it was a good idea to toss my old one into Lake Minnetonka over the weekend. I was super pumped and even talked to some of you about how trivia photos were going to be way better - and brighter! in all future blog posts. Well, my smart self inadvertantly deleted the photos I took Monday night after I restored my phone from a previous date so I could collect some of the contacts I had lost in the phone that was now fish food at the bottom of the lake.

    Lesson learned! Here's a copy only version run down of the winners from Monday. See you next week - with photos!

    1 - Saucy Interlopers continue with their strong showings and take the top spot with 53 points

    2 - Snids - some new faces in the mix take #2 at 43 points

    3 - Dynamic Molecular Transformers could have made a strong run for 2nd had they remembered to fill out their mega round bonus points. Hopefully my guidance sticks with them next week - definitely a team to watch out for. They scored 28.5 points.


    Remember all, don't toss your phone into an open body of water and also remember that things get deleted and reverted back to previous phone settings whenever you restore back to a certain date and time. Time travel lessons from the future from yours truly.