Nomad Trivia!
w/ Matt Perkins

Mondays @ 8 pm
Win shots with the host!
501 Cedar Ave., Mpls.

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    9.8 Aztec for Testicle 

    Avocado, of course! While rocking through round two Forgetymologies we took a look at the origin of common words. And a fruit that derives from the Aztec word for testicle is of course the avocado!

    It is always a pleasure filling in for Matt at the Nomad! What a cool crowd of 5 teams! Check out the top three teams below


    First Place 50/55 points - The Saucy Interlopers did it again! Well done Lazer Eyes. Enjoy your newly improved VIP gift card to the Nomad!


    Second Place 49.5/55 Points - Crow Wing County, more like Tall Kid County were half a point short of first. These folks got to enjoy a round of bartenders choice shots!


    Third Place 47/55 points - Fart Squatters. enough said. Enjoy your Huge Theater tix!